Controversy’s Right Hand

I think it is sad that people outside of the gay community are still having this debate.

Ok let us start by the obvious one, religion! [As I have noted in previous notes – and it is becoming a bit stale so please give me a better answer then to justify your anti-gayness with religion] Where’s the compassion, love, tolerance that religion preach?

Another yet dull ground is society, aka Heterosexuals. I don’t get it, other people take my sexuality to heart and it don’t even affect them! Why do they care? Am I that important? Me being gay has nada to do with anyone or does it?

What are we? Homosapiens, monkeys or whatever! I know its a bad example but just take it to heart. Monkeys practice ‘bisexuality’ as they don’t give a fuck who they fuck… So why do straights give a fuck?

Being gay is not controversial, it is definitely not Taboo and surely not a mental disorder. You are who you are, so where’s the controversy?

Being able to love and be loved is a magical thing and it should not make any difference what gender you are.


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