Emotionally Wrong

What do you consider cheating? Some consider cheating to only be physical contact while for me (and hopefully others out there) cheating can happen through our new generations portal of interaction, technology.

Cheating can be on an emotional level. Moreover, the social media has made it unbelievably easy to flirt and meet people.

If you think that emotional cheating cannot be considered cheating, you are wrong.

Emotional cheating occurs when you crave emotional intimacy from someone else other then your partner. In events sometimes you go through a rough time in the relationship and you want to confide in someone and cant talk to your partner. In addition, before you know it, that person start to make you feel special, loved and accepted. You might think how can this do any harm. Well, the harm will come in the separation that has transpired, the bond that holds you two together are no longer there.

Emotional cheating is an affair of the heart. It has the capacity to injure a committed relationship more than, if it was physical.

You might think it is just emotional it is not like we are having sex, well, about half of such emotional involvements do eventually lead to sex.

For most individuals, the most hurtful and painful corollary of an emotional affair is the sense of being deceived, betrayed and lied to.

I am not Christian but God said be faithful to your partner, emotional unfaithfulness, infidelity is adultery (Matthew 5:28).


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