EXology: The Ex-Factor

Please read attentively.

“To cut or not to cut your ex from your life that is the question”

Why did you and your ex break up in the first place? There you have it!

I will never be friends with anyone who betrayed me. In addition, the biggest question of all is, why would you want to be friends with your ex?

Is wanting to be friends a subconscious excuse to be around the person so you can have closure! Moreover, the opposite is true, too? Did you break up because you cheated? Do you feel you owe your ex, at the very least your friendship?

Believe you me that is not the kind of prefaces that will result in good friendships.
Have you heard this stupid line, “We are better as friends than lovers” … However, I know every bad-seeded relationship is different and there is not a right way to navigate from LOVERS to OVERS-KA-DOVERS.

I am not saying one can never be friends with ex, but for me an ex should be in the past. Hence, I will never really see the point in rekindling a friendship with anyone who betrayed my trust and love.


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