Happiness Can’t Be Measured Based On Sex

You have been dating your partner for about 3 years, life can’t get any better, yet sex is not as good as it use to be when you were starting out. What could be the problem?

Commonly known as the ‘puppy-love’ phase, some couples experience great sex for about a year (some even six months) and then go into the real relationship where communication is vital to keep the passion alive.

Sex should not be the main sign of how well a relationship is going. There are about three other main signs that you can ‘measure’ with and see if a relationship is good, which is emotional, mental and spiritual intimacy.

The development in a relationship for most couples are romantic phase (passion, lust and what-what) to a problem-solving ‘we do this together’ phase.

I do not wish any fault in any relationship, but lack of communication I see regularly, which result in lack of passion, which equals to fuck-all sex!

The point of communication is to bond emotionally, where you as a couple can bring up any concern without fear of rejection.

Now my question is to you: does your relationship have to be hot, steamy and lustful in order to be happy?!


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