HOMO: Religiously Opposed

I have been struggling to answer myself countless times and I give up.

Can someone please give me a chill pill, and give me a real, factual reason why homosexuality is wrong without considering religion? I do not excuse what I am about to type, so deal with it.

The ‘fact’ that the dearest bible, a.k.a My Story Book to my humor, condemns homosexuality is almost the only reason I ever hear why homosexuality is wrong, and that is crap! In addition, the other lame excuse is that it is unnatural for a man + man or woman + woman, hence that are ‘unnatural’.

Please don’t give me that argument, because people actively do ‘unnatural’ things in their lives daily.

God made man and woman to procreate, okay right, and yet some of the blokes can’t produce any good sperm or the women can’t conceive. Now is that procreating!?

So to sum up, please give me an example of how homosexuality is wrong, leaving religion out of it, and without saying ‘It is not natural’.

Just to be mordant a bit, I think homosexuality is nature’s form of population control …

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  1. Hi Kenji!

    Great question. I am a practicing Catholic and homosexuality is one of the contentious issues within the church. There is a split in opinion on what to think/feel/etc. I struggle with the Church’s teaching personally but I thought I would tell you what the official Catholic Teaching is on homosexuality. The Church says that all people have an inherent dignity which cannot be taken away. According to the Church, if someone is homosexual, that, in and of itself, is not wrong. There is no morality attached to sexual orientation. Where the Church raises an issue is with homosexual acts. i.e. homosexual sex. The reason the Catholic Church has an issue with this is because it sees sex as a reflection of God. As the Trinity is a bond of love, so too when a husband and wife have sex they come together in love and that love is so real and tangible that a third person is formed – a baby. All sex must be ordered toward self-giving, total self giving, (this is why the Catholic Church is against contraception – because it is a act of closing off to a perfect giving of self) When it comes to homosexual sex, the Church cannot view it in the same light as heterosexual sex because it can never be life giving and so ultimately it is not ordered toward a perfect union of “the two”.
    But it is also important to see that the Church is not against homosexual acts just because it is two men or two women having sex, it is because it is not life giving – it views pre-marital sex in the same way. Outside of marriage, using contraception = a lack of true self giving. So the Church is against it. The Church does not ask those who are gay to try and “change” but it does believe that they are called to a life of celibacy and chastity and that God perhaps has something more planned for them.

    Personally, I struggle with the Church’s view. I love the Catholic Church but I believe that this issue needs a lot of discussion and understanding. The Church NEVER condones oppression of any kind, and any form of hate speech or homosexual discrimination is not in line with the Catholic view.

    As for your question about how can homosexuality be wrong from a natural perspective. The broader question is perhaps what is a moral action? How can we know what right and wrong really is. For me, it relates to whether or not an action is damaging towards oneself or another, physically, mentally or emotionally. Is homosexual sex potentially damaging in any of these ways? I don’t know. Not usually. The hard part is that if two people truly love each other and want to give themselves to each other, that is a beautiful thing. So how do we move forward? I am not sure. But I hope this has shown you a different perspective that you might not of heard before.

    God bless!

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