I’m Not Repeating Myself, You Have The Key

The words “I love you” can bring heartache.

It brings unwelcome and unanswerable feelings.

It is being used as a weapon, an excuse, as manipulation. It has expectations. It’s not through thick and thin and so is contrary to popular thought.

The thought of love is alone and can be lonely, it can be accepting or rejecting. Love can be selfish, and blind. It can last for all time and it can just suddenly die.

“I love you” has been misunderstood, and misapplied for many years. It can mean a simple chance of romance.

“I love you” can be the smile on your face. That glow that is needed.

“I love you” is both light and dark.

It can keep you warm from memories you hold dear. Hence, with love betrayed and trust misused it can make you doubt yourself.

I’m not afraid of love. It’s all about trust for when you do say “I love you” and let the vulnerability in, you fear betrayal and pray that you don’t regret it.

I feel people are scared to say those three words because they’re afraid of commitment, afraid to take that “next” step. By that words it can unlock your partners heart and have a red carpet waiting for you to their soul.

When your heart is bruised and threatening to break and you fight each moment for it to repair. You should wonder: is this all because you said “I love you”


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