Journey To Self-Acceptance

Having to engage in a genuine and meaningful discussion with friends and family about my sexuality is quite daunting.

I really want to debunk the stereotypical homosexual notion some have about being gay: the gay cliche (sleeping around) and wanting to be like a girl, etc [which don’t apply to me and some others I know]

Confronting this generation’s most hot-blooded social issues with courtesy and respect; I hope to shift weight away from religious manipulation toward kindly changing their attitudes. Moreover, try to use our common ground: striving for compassion and respect to reconcile the communities (straight, bi, gay and transgender) who often get the wrong idea of each other.

It has been said that being gay is a sin, a gift from the gods, a mental illness, well, whichever way you want to describe gay is, I am happy. Sexual orientation in a whole is complex. Yet, as I have read, sexual orientation is both biological and psychological. I am honest in saying I am bias when it comes to the whole part of whether being gay is due to nature or nurture.

Have you wondered what happens between infancy and adulthood in someones life that makes them see their sexual orientation?

However, I just know that homosexuality and bisexuality is as a natural, abiding, normal sexuality as heterosexuality for some people. It is surely not a disease, not simply just behaviour …


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