My Big Screen Debut: The Chronicles

I personally believe that I had no clue that my life is like being on a reality show with a lot of pretense, fake smiles and forged laughter.

When I enter a room, I am the star. However, all I know is that my self-belief and confidence is as low as a lifeless blossom.

My five minutes of fame is when I entertain you with my bitchy attitude and my ego.

I am real. I am candid, so why do I feel lost? I have always been the optimistic, going headstrong with everything, but just one knock of failure pulls down the curtain. Did I forget my line to my lifestory? Is my performance not good enough?

What you see is a mirror of the pain and loss of me all made up with Clinique, Garnier and Maybelline.

I died when I gave birth to lies that I told myself. I have nurtured it. I fed it. Now it is all grown up. I am happy to see my baby has grown. Look at it. Are you not proud? You made it!

Now, I take my bow and I take all the praise because it was a great show. The season of hatred has expired and now it is time for the season of new hope to be drafted as I am my own narrator of my life.

My Big Screen Debut is here 🙂


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