Paradoxical Hell

I think that the concept of hell in biblical context is absurd.

A god that loves you but afflict pain on you forever is ridiculous and cannot be real. It could possible only love you if the retribution was limited and did not actually cause you any pain.

Yet hell is portrayed as the most unpleasant sentence possible. With that said, so god does not care about you once you get sentenced? In other words, “Kenji, I gave you no reason to believe what I said was true and made it seem like a big Cinderella story made up by tree hugging bimbos but now that you didn’t believe that stuff blindly and follow it forever even though I designed you with a sceptical mindset to believe, I am leaving you forever. Oh ja, p.s. I love you xoxo”.

The bible describes a merciful loving god that punishes you if you don’t believe in him.

That don’t make sense, or does it?


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