Plausible: A Gay World

What if the world was gay?

Would the human race die out? Or at least that’s what the religious ones would argue.

But what if we were all single or celibate? We would surely die out! But no one is condemning that, now are they?!

Being gay doesn’t mean I don’t want a child. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to procreate, most gays wants to.

So you agree that we would die out, right? Uhmm, so what about the infertile couples? Yeah I know what you are thinking, and that argument holds no water.

With that argument saying homosexuality is wrong and that if the world was gay that the human race would die out, is just another lame attempt to preach homophobia other than ‘the bible says so’ which is getting old and it don’t convince anyone anymore. Especially considering the bible condones genocide and incest (depending on the way you read it)

Am I plausible!?


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