Save My Last Chance

Confront me with issues of the heart. Tell me what I have done wrong. Do not just let it be than I might as well, JUST BE. I am a wreck. I am addicted to pain. I want it. I crave. I am use to it.

Are you there to save my last chance?

I am causing you so much pain. I see you distressed because of my insecurities. I feel anguished for I am use to betrayal. The warning flag has risen, I am about to break down. Stop me!

I am afraid, I am guilty and helpless but I mask it with hostility and arrogance. I know its no ones fault but my own, for falling into this trap of denial. However, please give surety of your love, dedication and understanding and tell me that my conduct is distressingly depressive.

The bucket I am carrying along is full of emotions and the lid is about to explode. Do not excuse me; please do not raise your voice at me. Hold me and don’t let go. Affirm affection and be true.

I am gently sloping around in a pool of sludge. I disgust myself. I need to detox.

If you love me, it is your duty to do something to help, I need it.

Are you there to save my last chance?


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