Terms and Conditions Apply

“I look to my past as reference for the coming future” – http://www.twitter.com/KenjiMilano

The past few years I’ve dealt with a lot of issues and as I’m writing this new post, I begin to understand that I’ve been setting up some kind of rule or you can even call it ‘terms and conditions’ for trusting people.

Does this rule apply to everyone in my life? I don’t know.

Having this notion attached to my whole psyche has made me the person that I am today. So does this rule apply to you? YES!

The question I want answered is: ‘can someone trust with conditions attached to it?’

Have you heard of the saying ‘I trust you only as far as my nose’? Or something like that …

Like any relationship (friendships, lovers and family) there’s a binding yet unwritten contract of the trust which is needed yet why does mine need ‘conditions’?

Everything is there: loyalty (it is there), understanding (sometimes), empathy (I think so), affection (—), communication (always), and the best part LOVE & TRUST (—)

Now why does this not look right at all?

I want all of the attributes which any successful relationship have:

• communication
• understanding
• affection
• loyalty (faithful)
• love
• and trust

I don’t see the need for any terms and conditions to be attahced. And yet, my life revolves around questions, uncertainty, self-doubt and insecurity.

When will this facade crack?!

When will I bleed the truth and just let be?

Make sure you read the fine print in the contract of life for terms and conditions don’t come easy.


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