The Loving Pain: One-Sided Love

“Loving someone that doesnt love you is like reaching for a star, you know you will never reach it, but you just got to keep trying – Unknown”.

Love in a whole is a gift and a curse. Is love supposed to hurt, is a universal question that can never be answered. Love is going to hurt no matter what, every relationship has its issues and disappointments.

Hurting can sometimes verify that the LOVE you feel is true namely insecurity. But that does not make it right. Sometimes love is only one-sided. You give your heart to someone to be a part of you. Love? How can something so true in essence, torture you. I wonder if the concept of love can ever be unriddled.

How can you love a person that dont know how to love you? It seems this situation, one-sided love, has happened to us all in different ways. But one-sided love aint fair to either party. So why deny yourself the opportunity of receiving love?

Love comes from understanding and that comes when both love and trust each other. And why are some people afraid to let go and fall in love?

My answer: the hurt that comes with it.


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