Break Up Already

I know I previously wrote a blog ‘EX-ology’, but I have spoken to so many people regarding the touchy subject that I will blog again (hopefully for the last time).

Here is a rhetorical and hypothetical story. Tracey was sick of the fact that Trevor’s ex-girlfriends were still present in his life, so she dumped him.

She claims the break-up was hard on both of them but they are still good friends. The absurd part of this story is she dumps him, we got that, because of the exes, and yet she wants to be friends whilst being his ex.

So the next girlfriend that Trevor will date MIGHT feel the same way she did. Now how does that solve a problem? In my previous blog, I said that there is a proverb ‘We are better friends than lovers’, which is total bull. Get to know me then we hit the sack.

Moreover, Trevor phones Tracey to whine about how unhappy he is (which is a form of emotional cheating i.e Emotionally Wrong blog).

The obscurity is, what keeps you trapped in this cycle of rekindling a relationship? To bring up another topic, I have been in a rather somewhat dreary relationship.

I was afraid of leaving the relationship, because I thought that I might not find anything else. That is where the convenience of the relationship comes in.
I felt worthless.

Manipulation is real in any relationship. What was the point of my blog?

And, even though there were good times, delete the ex files.

Weigh up the relationship by asking “Are my present realities good or bad?”


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