Healing Process

A lot of people, even myself, find it hard to move on, but it’s the healing process that will direct us on the new road that was avoided.
Because love is like tar, it binds us. When it breaks, you have to meticulously scrub off all the old tar to bind new tar in the same spot.
After a break up, you alone can give yourself the closure you are looking for. No amount of exchange of letters or making contact will help. It is a ploy to have this person in your life.
I was told to apply the no contact rule if I truly want to move on and by doing so, you will with time be at ease and you will look back at everything as a chapter in your life i.e. the past.

Some stories are meant to be short stories, nothing more.
“How do I move on?” I ask myself this question every day. To be frank, I really don’t know the solution anymore. I guess it’s because I felt so strongly for the person. I woke up every morning knowing that seeing them would make the rest of my day perfect. Grasping that they were the only person I could ever dream of being with, and even though I may never be what they want or need, I still kept hoping that one day they would feel the same.
I think it’s hard because I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I loved and they didn’t love me in return.
Maybe now I can move on as well?
However for true healing to take place, you have to tell yourself that it is over and mean it. But then again I refuse to be a slave, to let my emotions govern my space, but it really took some time for me to come to that consciousness.

Now I am comfortable in my own skin, still feel lonely at times, but not uncertain.

The healing process for every break up is letting go.


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