Taboo – Interracial homosexual relationships

If you saw a black/coloured or black/white couple in public or at the club or any where what would you think?

I have asked a lot of homosexuals if they support gay interracial couples and most of them said “yes but, wouldn‟t date a black guy because of the negative stereotypes that are held against them”.

For me it‟s just racist in some way. I know we all have preferences but just because dating a guy based on skin colour makes me confused.

It‟s seldom that you see a happy gay interracial couple without the judgment of “he is just there because of the money” etc. which in some cases are NOT true.

I know of only a few interracial couples and from what I see they are happy despite what the „world‟ has to say.

In today‟s society, being gay is frowned upon already, and yet there‟s prejudice within the small gay community (I hate that phrase). So why don‟t we support each other?

The gay world is no different from the straight world in certain regards.

By dating based solely on something as illogical as race, I think we shoot ourselves in the foot.

Researchers have found that interracial couples report lower levels of relationship support from their social networks (family, friends) than same-race couples. Similarly, same-sex couples report lower levels of relationship support than heterosexual couples.

Being South African, a lot will say something about “cultural” differences. Is that the only reason? Or are you just narrow-minded?

Nonetheless, homosexual interracial/ inter-cultural relationships will always be prejudiced unless we change the race games that has been played for years.

What‟s the point of writing this article if I only include what I want to say? My response is: I won‟t go into detail on some racial remarks because I‟m not racist. And for narrow-minded comments made when I asked advice on this touchy issue, I would rather restraint myself for some outbursts.

I was told „reviewing something said doesn‟t make you the people who said it‟. So let me be frank, there isn’t exposure of what is actually said but rather a coat of what is being said. I understand maybe certain comments might hurt you that you wouldn’t want to relive again.

So if you are in an interracial/ inter-cultural relationship, good for you; but don‟t let any negative remarks drain what you feel is right.

Article published in June 2015, The Pink Tongue edition


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